In Late 2019 SGM installed and commissioned a brand new palletising robot to the finished packing goods line.  

The palletising robot improves working conditions and employee safety, as well as increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

It is programmed to repeat continuous movements which makes it possible to avoid work stoppages due to the strenuous physical effort that an employee needs to load a pallet.
This eliminates problems associated with fatigue, distraction, injuries and the effects of repetitive and tedious movements. The palletising robot increases production flexibility, the unit incorporates an operator interface to organize various patterns. The user interface flexibility makes it possible to modify, add and adjust the stacking patterns required and also allows us to program in real time production changes. The palletising robot maximizes production, repeating programmed movements at a constant speed and without error making it possible to assemble a perfect pallet which improves the quality of finished products sent to our customers.
This investment will help reduce overall operating costs as the system can operate day and night and requires little workforce supervision.

Chris Clyne  |  Operations Manager