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The 2023 season is now complete.   

Check back soon for more details on the 2024 offer!

The true strength of the organisation is its shareholders and suppliers.  Suncoast Gold’s ability to build long term customer relationships and develop new markets comes from strong and stable supply from our valued growers.  Suncoast Gold in turn guarantees to purchase NIS from those growers holding the required number of A-class shares and a share in the profits generated.

This unique partnership is what has driven Suncoast Gold for over 35 years and is setting us up for the future as we look forward to growth in the domestic and international industry.

Feb 2022 Shareholder and Supplier Update

8th Feb 2022, Suncoast Gold Macadamias


Suncoast Gold are a founding member of leading global macadamia sales and marketing group, Green & Gold Macadamias. Green & Gold (G & G) are at the forefront of global macadamia marketing and strive to provide the best quality, service and products to our customers, getting to know their business and understanding their needs. 

The G & G team is made up of highly skilled and experienced individuals from all around the world, allowing them to offer expertise not only in local markets but also in the overall industry.

Suncoast Gold are investing in the experience of G & G to drive New Product Development (NPD), explore new markets and continue to develop relationships with new and existing customers for our macadamia products.


At Suncoast Gold we have a history of paying a competitive price for Nut in Shell (NIS) and consistently reward our growers with bonuses for their ability to supply high quality.    In 2022, we maintained our fixed price in a falling market and paid our growers the full headline price for their crop with no delayed payments. 

As one of the few grower-owned processors, our growers are our shareholders, they are truly ‘invested’ in our mutual success.   

Loyal shareholders receive priority access to supply giving them increased market security for their crop, now and into the future.  The continued support from shareholders is crucial to the efficiency and profitability of the business which in turn, benefits all.

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We have a unique site that allows us to receive deliveries of NIS from both large bulk trucks and small bins and vehicles, our minimum delivery is 500 kg.

We understand that growing macadamias is an intensive operation requiring significant investments in machinery and inputs, so we have payment options that allow you to receive income across the whole year.

For full details and terms of supply please contact us to receive your copy of the supply documents


The main benefits of being a shareholder in Suncoast Gold Macadamias remains in the security of marketing your crop today, and into the future.  Many of our loyal suppliers have chosen to become shareholders and as a supplying shareholder you will get access to ongoing support from our Grower Services Team, voting rights, discounts on kernel purchases and much more.

We reward our shareholders with an offer of competitive prices for NIS and for many years we have rewarded our loyal shareholders with an annual shareholder supply bonus as determined by the Board, based on the performance of the business and market factors.

Suncoast Gold is 100% owned by growers so when we prosper, so do our growers.



Free grower workshops, support and information

Market Security

with global, experienced marketer Green & Gold Macadamias


With industry’s largest and most productive growers


Owned by growers and processing macadamias for over 35 years


Deliver NIS from all QLD and NSW growing regions

Want to know more about being a Macadamia grower?

Macadamia growers that are part of the Suncoast Gold family receive invites to grower networking events, and information about everything from planning to harvesting your first macadamia. Our suppliers receive regular newsletters and industry information and have access to free workshops and grower support services. Contact Grower Services via the form below to find out more.

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