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We supply raw, roasted and flavoured macadamias to premium wholesale customers around the globe with our top destinations being Japan, USA, New Zealand, China and also Europe and Korea. 

The domestic market equates to thirty percent of our business and we supply wholesalers who in turn supply major food manufacturing brands, bakeries and supermarket chains. Our factory has strong capabilities in dicing providing a superior product for the ingredient sector.  We supply bulk premium ingredients product to many large domestic manufacturers who use our macadamias in producing a range of well-known branded products including ice-creams, yogurts, snack mixes, bakery items and confectionary brands across Australia.

green & gold macadamias

Recognised as a world leader in Macadamia Kernel supply and marketing, Suncoast Gold in conjunction with Green Farms Co Ltd in 2010 formed an International joint venture marketing company, Green & Gold Macadamias.

Green & Gold Macadamias are the leaders in global macadamia sales and marketing and now market macadamias from nine key processor companies in Australia, Africa and South America to customers around the world.

Green & Gold Macadamias have a team of industry experts from around the world who focus on excellence and innovation in macadamia supply solutions.

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“Suncoast Gold is the leading supplier of ingredient grade macadamias to the worlds most sophisticated manufacturers.  Its reputation for quality and performance in this area is second to none and this unique advantage will continue to drive customer loyalty and added margin.”

Green and Gold Macadamias Logo

whole grades

Perfect for premium snack mixes and chocolate coating

half grades

Ideal for the ingredient sector and retail snack packs

diced grades

Ideal  ingredients for premium manufactured products

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