Suncoast Gold Macadamias is proud to release its 2024 NIS offer to Shareholders and Independent Suppliers.  The 2024 NIS offer boasts a strong base price for full shareholders of $3.20/kg NIS 33%, plus a generous bonus structure. 

 Please Contact Us to receive your copy of the 2024 NIS offer.  



Suncoast Gold Macadamias Australia Limited (Suncoast Gold) is a 100% grower-owned macadamia nut processor and wholesale producer of premium macadamia products. The company was established in 1985 as a macadamia supplier co-operative, with the head office and processing facility located in Gympie, Queensland, the ancestral home of the macadamia nut and the birthplace of the global macadamia industry.

Suncoast Gold is owned by 115 macadamia growers from NSW and Queensland macadamia growing regions. A consistent supply of quality macadamia nut in shell (NIS), mainly from shareholders’ farms, allows Suncoast Gold to remain a strong domestic processor, employing local people and investing back into the industry and the community.

Suncoast Gold reward suppliers with competitive prices for NIS, as well as bonuses for both quality and loyalty. Shareholders can access the global marketing power of Green & Gold Macadamias, now the world’s largest marketer of macadamia kernel.

Suncoast Gold benefits from having a reliable supply of the volume of macadamia NIS it requires to operate its business and, for this reason, shareholders who maintain a consistent and high quality supply are rewarded.

The access to shares in Suncoast Gold, in combination with the Annual Supply Agreement is intended to provide long term security and continuity of supply to benefit both the company and the supplier who is a shareholder of Suncoast Gold.

Together, we are stronger

If a high number of shareholders can support Suncoast Gold with a consistent supply of their macadamia NIS, Suncoast Gold has the best chance at meeting the needs of its customers and succeeding with continued growth and profitability, and ultimately returning that profit to its shareholders.