The new Macadamia Innovation page has just been developed for macadamia growers looking for more information on four new macadamia varieties known as G, J, P and R.

The website covers the breeding history of the four new varieties and all the details on accessing trees, understanding royalty payments and contact details for licensed supply nurseries.

A detailed economic performance evaluation of the varieties is given which has collected data over a 9 year period showing how each variety is performing differently in different regions.  In Bundaberg, the projected increase in production of mature trees compared to the standard 741 variety is as much as 3.2t NIS/Ha (variety P) and 6.2% increase of Sound Kernel Recovery (Variety J).

Commercialisation Manager with Macadamia Innovation, Roger Broadley said it is best to contact registered nurseries for information on timing and supply of trees “We are in the process of multiplying up new budwood sources as soon as possible, but please be aware that budwood may be in short supply”.  The website has a full list of registered nurseries.

 The varieties were developed under an industry-funded research and development program.   The industry will be a significant beneficiary from commercial sales of these four new industry varieties as part of the royalty collected is returned to Hort Innovation and DAF Queensland.  Hort Innovation subsequently returns any royalties collected to the Australian Macadamia Industry for reinvestment in research and development projects.

 Several Suncoast Gold suppliers are currently growing trial amounts of the new varieties in the Northern Rivers, South East Queensland and Bundaberg regions and we will be watching these new varieties closely as they approach their first harvests.

 For more information visit the Macadamia Innovation Website.