We are pleased to announce that Suncoast Gold Macadamias will again deliver a profitable result for the 2020 season giving all shareholders and suppliers the security of dealing with a strong and secure business which has been owned by you, the growers, for over 35 years.

Thanks to all our suppliers for their ongoing support.

Ben Adams

General Manager , Suncoast Gold Macadamias


As a result of this positive financial performance the Suncoast Gold Board is able to reward those qualifying shareholders with a fixed shareholder bonus of an additional $0.20 for each kilogram of NIS delivered in 2020.


High prices, premium grower services and strong domestic processing are only possible due to the ongoing support of Suncoast Gold’s loyal suppliers. We encourage all shareholders and suppliers to consider supplying your 2021 crop to Suncoast Gold.


This payment matches the 2019 bonus and will be paid to all shareholders holding in excess of 200 A-Class shares per hectare of mature/bearing trees who delivered the majority of their 2020 crop to Suncoast Gold or as otherwise determined by The Board. This bonus will be calculated and paid to eligible shareholders within the month of February 2021.


Positive financial performance allows Suncoast Gold to continue to offer all suppliers competitive prices for NIS, premium grower services in all growing regions, ongoing industry support and to fund a strong domestic processing industry employing local people.  



Suncoast Gold owns a significant stake in Green and Gold Macadamias, the second largest macadamia marketing organisation globally, giving shareholders confidence that we are working at securing new markets for your future crops. 

While 2020 provided no shortage of challenges, from market and logistic disruption from Covid-19 and currency volatility, Green and Gold was able to execute a strong sales plan and generate prices which helped deliver Suncoast Gold’s profitable result.

Recent investments in our dicing a roasting operation will keep Suncoast Gold at the leading edge in the creation of food ingredient grade products while continuing to collaborate with Green and Gold on new product development across all categories.

Suncoast Gold Macadamias is committed to continue to deliver positive finical results which will drive both shareholder value and return the maximum amount possible to its suppliers through competitive NIS prices and shareholder bonuses.

The Board is currently reviewing the market with the aim to releasing the 2021 NIS Offer shortly, rest assured that Suncoast Gold remains committed to making a competitive offer.   Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate CONTACT US