About Suncoast Gold Macadamias

Suncoast Gold Macadamias is a modern Macadamia processing facility located in Gympie, South East Queensland. Since its establishment in 1985, the business is proudly 100% owned by Macadamia growers from across Queensland and New South Wales.

Our passion is to provide a sustainable future for our growers, our customers and our employees as well as growing the value of the business for our shareholders.

Suncoast Gold Macadamias have developed a reputation both in Australia and around the world for the efficiency of its operations, quality of its products and a comprehensive client service. The company also has joint ownership of one of the largest Marketers of processed Macadamias in the world, Green and Gold Macadamias who provide innovative solutions to customer needs and focus on delivering reliable supply and consistent quality to customers around the world.

About the Production Team

Our Macadamia Processing facility relies heavily on the hard work of our Production team, who operate automated machines and equipment, and work together in production lines to crack, sort, cook, dice, quality test and pack our products.

Our team works hard to maintain a high quality product for our customers by sorting and testing the product, and ensuring our work environment stays clean and hygienic.


The Working Environment

We work alongside automated machinery and equipment and therefore wear hearing protection. There are forklifts regularly navigating our site, and therefore we all wear High Viz shirts or vests to heighten our visibility. As we work with Food Products, we all wear hair nets or hats, beard nets if we have a beard, steel capped boots and any other Personal Protective Equipment where required in order to do our jobs safely.

We all work as part of a team and for some positions, this might be in a Production Line, where you stand alongside your coworkers to operate in a key part of the process.



What is a Talent Pool?

A Talent Pool is a database of potential job candidates who are interested in working for the company. The purpose of a Talent Pool is to have candidates’ details on file to contact if a suitable vacancy arises.

Why apply?

As positions become available, the recruitment team will review applications with recent and relevant experience relating to our vacancy. If your skills and experience match what we are look for, we will contact you to see if you’re still interested in a role, and invite you to interview.

What happens to my application?

Your application is saved on file for 12 months. Your application will be reviewed by the recruiting managers as vacancies arise.

Will I get a job?

If you have skills and experience related to the position, and you suit the requirements for a role, you may be contacted and invited to interview. There is no guarantee of employment.

What positions are you looking for?


We are currently recruiting to fill our current vacancies:-

  • Cracker Room Operator
  • Night Cleaner
  • Packing Room


We are seeking candidates who are interested in applying for potential future vacancies in the following positions and areas:-

  • Warehouse Storepersons (Current QLD High Reach License is required)
  • Forklift Operator
  • Laboratory
  • Cracking and Raw Sorting
  • Cooking
  • Packing
  • Chip Sorting Operators

General Requirements

  • Available to work rotating shifts
    • Day shift (6am – 2.30pm)
    • Afternoon Shift (2.30pm – 11pm)
    • Night Shift (Night Cleaners only) (8.30 pm – 5.30am)
  • Be reliable and have a great work ethic – you will be a key contributor in a hardworking team
  • Physically fit as positions may be required to perform manual tasks
  • Speak fluent English
  • Contribute to a hard working team
  • Be adaptable and flexible with the willingness and understanding to help out when needed e.g. work in another areas to cover a shift while short staffed.
  • Forklift license is desirable but not essential

How do I apply?

You will need to complete an Application Form on our website and email a copy of your current resume to 

What’s on offer?

We employee Production Staff under the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Award 2020. Casual Hourly Rates start from $26.15/hour + penalty rates for shift work, overtime and work performed on weekends.

Uniforms and reimbursement of 1x pair of steel capped boots to the value of $100 each year

Discounted prices for employees to purchase our products


Recruitment Agencies

Thank you for thinking of us – but we have this one covered!



Please Apply via the link below and email your resume and cover letter to